Shamanic Healing Circles

In shamanism, healing circles are a sacred way to bring deep, profound and extensive transformations on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. 

The Healing Circle is a place where people come together in a shame resilient environment so they may be completely vulnerable for the purpose of releasing any past hurts or shame that may be holding them from moving forward. 

Next Healing Circle:

January 9, 2021
7-8:30 pm Virtually via Zoom

Thiera will be sharing her wisdom about Yang Sheng, a Traditional Chinese Medicine practice of "nourishing life". Thousands of years of collected wisdom contribute advice on how we can nourish ourselves and optimize our health. One important way we do this is by connecting with the Qi of each season.


In this circle she will talk about how we can align ourselves with Winter and set ourselves up for better health in the new year. 

Thiera Smith, LAc, RN (she/her) is a Spiritual Practitioner that combines Acupuncture, Shamanic Practices, and Intuitive Coaching to facilitate the work of:

letting go of what no longer serves you,

calling back what you thought (or perhaps didn't realize) you'd lost, and

healing, while growing back together, your body-emotions-spirit.

Thiera believes healing in this way allows us to gain the clarity and courage to be fully and completely ourselves, which allows us to bring the unique medicine that we each carry, to others and to the Earth.

A Recording of the healing circle will be available the following day. This is to give those in a different time zone or who could not join live, the ability to participate. A healing circle is a time-sensitive event therefore it will not be available after 48 hours.

To learn more about or to work with  Thiera visit her website.


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