Shamanic Healing Circles

In shamanism, healing circles are a sacred way to bring deep, profound and extensive transformations on the physical, emotional and spiritual planes. 

The Healing Circle is a place where people come together in a shame resilient environment so they may be completely vulnerable for the purpose of releasing any past hurts or shame that may be holding them from moving forward. 

Next Healing Circle:

February 15, 2020
6-9pm at Tribe in Chicago 

Natalie Shuler of Yin Yang Wisdom Acupuncture will be sharing her spiritual wisdom and provide healing through acupuncture and meditation.

The focus of February's circle will be sharing our hopes and dreams for 2020. As the season changes from Winter to Spring it's important to release anything that is holding us back and ignite the flame of what is to come. Your hopes and dreams can be anything from personal dreams to career dreams.  


We will close the ceremony with a mini social gathering where we can begin to know each other so we can build long lasting bonds. You are welcome to bring any sacred objects for the community altar and photos of loved one who are in need of healing.

Space is very limited so registration is required. You will receive a confirmation email confirming your attendance.

Cost: $60 

Are you interested in hosting a Healing Circle with Daniel in your city?

I'm so happy that you are interested in hosting a Healing Circle. I work hard to accommodate as many as I can.


A Healing Circle is a place where people will come together for the purpose of healing but most importantly community building. 

There are a few requirements for hosting a Healing Circle. When possible I try to schedule private sessions with those who are interested. Either before or the day after the circle. This allows individuals to get more in-depth guidance and healing. 

I am excited to visit you soon. Reach out to set up your next healing circle. 

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