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Awaken Spiritually with Daniel R. Wolf

Meet Daniel 

Spiritual Teacher & Shamanic Practitioner

Daniel R. Wolf (Dan) is Chicago's Best Shamanic Life Coach, Healer & Teacher. He's an Angel who walks with us on our earth journey.

Dan is an innovative, compassionate spiritual teacher and healer, whose sessions can bring about powerful changes into your life. He works hard to ensure his sessions are in-depth, sincere, straight forward, and clear to understand. His sessions are always done with love and compassion.

The Work I Do!

The path of true healing and awakening begins with self-love.

Allow yourself to be seen for who you truly are, a beautiful human being that lives to brighten the lives of others. 

"Dan has given me clarity, inspiration and support to make the necessary changes to create the life I truly want to live.  The sessions and the work was not always easy because he always goes to the root of your issues. It's not easy to look in the mirror that he holds up. I can now say that I am so grateful that I continued the work because I have finally taken control of my own life."

- Alex G.

"Dan is an incredible healer, medium, visionary & spiritual teacher. He is a very kind and generous soul, and truly cares about the wellbeing of those that he works with- this is the most important quality of any good healer and teacher. Dan has been such a great blessing to me, and I know that he is an incredible blessing to all who cross his path. I have seen on many occasions how the work that he has done with clients and students has been profoundly life changing for them. Dan's gift in working with others is an inspiration and truly touches my heart.

- Nicole P.

"Dan is one of the best. I can tell you that my life was transformed within 60 days of starting to work with him. When I started, I was depressed, lonely and had no direction on my life, just working everyday to pay the bills. He was able to pull stuff out of me that helped me heal and change me for the better. I don't even recognize the person I when I started. 

 - Akilah F.


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All sessions are via Zoom and by appointment only.


Daniel R. Wolf does not accept insurance and he does not do diagnostics or provide procedural codes for insurance billing. All private sessions with Daniel R. Wolf are considered ‘coaching’, not therapy. By scheduling a session, you are acknowledging the understanding that you are booking Daniel R. Wolf for a life-coaching session and not therapy.


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PLEASE NOTE: I work hard to reply to all my emails. I do have a backlog that I am trying to work through.  

If you are ready to do the work I encourage you to schedule an appointment. A few slots are available each week. 

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