Meet Daniel R. Wolf

Shamanic Life Coach, Healer & Teacher

Dan has many years of experience in traditional psychotherapy but made the move to spiritual counseling when he became passionate about working in a field that truly facilitates client's growth in their potential, gifts, career and life purpose. He's a passionate advocate for his clients and helps provide a path for them to change and provides support, guidance, and valuable partnership along the way.

His belief is that we are the creators of our own reality. Through his spiritual and powerful, and success-oriented counseling style he helps his clients in making the shift from passive to active in the creation of their own life, and helps provide clarity, focus, and positive momentum. When you choose to work with Dan as your spiritual counselor, you are choosing to work with a spiritual strategic partner and asserting a firm commitment to make profound and dynamic changes in your own life.

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PLEASE NOTE: I work hard to reply to all my emails. I do have a backlog that I am trying to work through.  

If you are ready to do the work I encourage you to schedule an appointment. A few slots are available each week. 

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